Shelf Bra

17225 candy cane stripe tapestry shelf bra Shelf Bra
Shelf Bra


Shelf bras are one of the raciest items of lingerie a woman can own. These revealing brassieres leave the nipples exposed; the skimpiest versions are little more than an elastic band or set of underwire supports with shoulder straps. The shelf bra may be embellished with any manner of ornaments, including feathers, sequins, lace, leather, and ribbons; these bras are too often neglected, and adding one to your arsenal of boudoir attire is a sure-fire way to get your partner’s engines running.

shelfbra Shelf Bra

A plus size shelf bra intended for everyday wear is a rare thing indeed; this is because the term shelf bra is actually used to refer to two completely different garments in the fashion industry. Most commonly, shelf bras are erotic lingerie that leaves most of the breast exposed (if not the entire thing). However, many plus size women are not comfortable in such a revealing bra, particularly because large breasts typically require more support that these bras offer.

 Shelf Bra

A shelf bra can give a girl that extra push and lift she needs especially with those silky satin low cut gowns or even a wedding dress. The great news is that the shelf bra along with many other retro style lingerie items is making a great fashion comeback and the online lingerie stores are stocking them in most sizes. So if you are thinking of splashing out on that fabulous party frock or ball gown but aren’t sure about finding the right bra don’t worry because you can find every bra style you have ever imagined if you know just where to start looking.

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 Shelf Bra
Shelf Bra


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