Open Cup Bras

open cup bra Open Cup Bras

Open Cup Bras


Some women who wear the open cup bra report a feeling of heightened sensuality and femininity as well as increased level of comfort due to the fact that this type of bra allows the breast to be held naturally and movement of the wearer is less impeded. More freedom is provided to a woman. But because of the nature of how this bra is designed in which there is far less coverage, some items of clothing like a white t-shirt or a light-colored cotton top does not go along with it. Therefore, they are not recommended to be worn when going to church or run errands.

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A shelf bra is a type of bra that does not cover the front part of the breasts. They can be thought of as open cup bras, or nipple exposing bras since this is exact what they are. For a plus size woman this brings a few problems because the front part of the bra usually provides a good amount of support that is now lacking. Since there is more weight on the part that is under your breasts, it demands a lot more from the bra – not only from the support, but also the materials and the quality.

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Open Cup Bras


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