Bra Sizes Dd

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Bra Sizes Dd


To find your perfect bra size you will have to be measured. The person taking the measurements will use a measuring tape to measure around your breast and your back. This number can range greatly depending on your girth. The cup size is not quite as exact you might have to try a couple of different sizes to find the right fit. There are some general guidelines as to how a bra should fit you. Each woman’s body is different and will largely contribute to the best fit for you.


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Instead of accepting your band and cup size all the time, use it as a guide. For example, if after measuring yourself, you discover that you’re a 40D, you’ll want to try on at least three different bra sizes for every style you’re interested in. Try a 40D, but also a 38 DD, and a 42C. In addition, you may want to try a 40 DD or a 40C as well. Why??

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One thing that never gets explained is that as band sizes increase, cup sizes decrease. In the above example, a 40D, 38 DD, and 42C all share the exact same cup size. Of course, maybe the 40 band fits just right, but your breasts are actually larger or smaller. Another possibility is that you actually are a 40D, but the bra style you selected runs large or small, or has a shape that doesn’t quite fit you.

 Bra Sizes Dd

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Bra Sizes Dd


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