1/4 Cup Bra

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1/4 Cup Bra


As a woman, you want to allow your body to be free and breathe easy. Your only wish is to have some fabric on your body which can caress and love you more than your own skin. This is a rare possibility, though. Unfortunately, through the day, it is important to protect and support the breasts with the use of a bra. This can be painful, irritating and very uncomfortable. An interesting way out of this problem is the use of soft cup bras.

Myla Lace Feather 1 4 Cup Bra 4AA37169 1/4 Cup Bra

There are various cup sizes which tell you how large or small the breasts are. Starting with a size A, the cup sizes are denoted by subsequent letters of the alphabet as the breast size increases. A size ‘A’ cup bra means the breast is on the smaller side.

DROP CUP BRA 1/4 Cup Bra

bra 4a 1/4 Cup Bra

MAE 1/4 Cup Bra

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1/4 Cup Bra


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